Will the Virus Blow Brexit Off-Course?

"The difficulty in carrying on with face-to-face trade negotiations is not the main issue. ... Much more important is the possibility that the transition period may be extended beyond the end of this year."

The French Senate’s Brexit Committee’s Recommendations to the French Government, 2 March 2020

"Rappelle son opposition de principe à toute perspective qui aboutirait à réserver un sort spécifique à la question de la pêche, sous la forme d’un « Brexit » sectoriel, dont les premières victimes ne manqueraient pas d’être les pêcheurs de l’Union..."

Scarlett Spencer: Invisible Warfare

"There are still resistant elements in our midst, which foreign opposition could rely on to frustrate our exit from the European Union. It is clear that lessons have been learned; lines have been redrawn in preparation for an invisible warfare, an insidious confrontation with those opposed to Brexit both domestically and internationally."

Simon Cowan: Brexit Lessons

"The removal of power over one’s circumstances, together with the creation of ongoing financial dependence, is poisonous for a body politic. It saps motivation and breeds resentment."

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