Pipelines Produce Peace and Prosperity; So Why Oppose Them?

Nordstream 2 is "a logical development stemming from the facts that Russia wants to provide gas and Germany wants to buy it, which led to a mutually acceptable agreement and commitment of many billions of dollars, largely by the firms Uniper and Wintershall of Germany, Royal Dutch Shell, Austria’s OMV and Engie of France in association with Russia’s Gazprom — an impressive example of European pragmatism."

Harper: A Tale of Two Protests in Baghdad

"The capital city of Baghdad was rocked by protests on Friday, as an estimated 200,000 demonstrators marched for the ouster of American troops from the country in al-Hurriyah Square near the main university, as anti-Iraqi government protesters maintained their vigil in Tahrir Square."

Bill Blain: A Trade Agreement, Yeah!

"If I had the time this morning to trawl the last three years of trade headlines, I’d have analysed everything Donald Trump said he wanted from China and put them all on a list. I’d then put yesterday’s “agreement” beside it, and work out what’s missing. It’s likely to be a long list."

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