With a General Election around the corner, the most important question for voters is which MPs are committed to leaving the EU and delivering on the will of the people and which MPs have always been wedded to Europe and will stop at nothing to betray the result of the 2016 EU referendum? Parliament voted overwhelmingly to hold a referendum and then trigger Article 50, yet three years on from the referendum date and two extensions past the 31st March, the Commons needs a new election to chuck out the Remainers who refuse to support Brexit.

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For the Bruges Group, actions are the most important indicators of which MPs voters should trust at a General Election. Therefore, the Bruges Group have analysed every single EU-related vote since the 2010 General Election and have ranked every single MP according to how they voted. You can now see whether your MP is a convinced Eurosceptic, an undeniable Europhile or anywhere in between. The 2017 General Election failed to remove the Remainer-dominance in Parliament. This list of MP’s rankings finally offers the opportunity to confront this imbalance, and make sure that the next election brings in a Parliament committed to Brexit. With the Bruges Group, you can also contact your Member of Parliament and let them know what you think about their voting record.

It is important to recognise that scores of MPs, who have wanted to vote against the EU, have been restricted by the pressure of party Whips acting on behalf of pro-EU leaderships. Therefore, positive abstentions by MPs have been counted as a plus 1 score for them. Besides this however, MPs know what they are doing. Every time an MP has voted to preserve and protect British democracy and our economy from EU expansion, they have been awarded a score of plus 2. But every time an MP has voted to erode British sovereignty and freedom, while damaging our economy, they have received a score of minus 2. The EU referendum however was the greatest statement of intent from voters but also MPs, therefore every MP who supported Leave at the referendum has received a plus 10 score, whereas those who supported Remain received a minus 10 score.

With these search tools, you can use your constituency, MP name, or your postcode to firstly find your own MP, but then also any other MP and find out their Brexit credentials. You can also find the full list of votes, and see how each MP voted, with a full breakdown and analysis. With this information, voters will no longer be in any doubt as to which MPs are Europhile at heart, which MPs are genuinely pro-Brexit and which MPs should be voted in to ensure that the UK finally leaves the European Union.

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