‘How much has Cummings got on you, Boris Johnson?” Piers Morgan tweeted in one of his many rants demanding Dominic Cummings, the VoteLeave mastermind’s dismissal, ‘What does this lying hypocrite know that means you’re prepared to risk the public’s health and lives?’

Yet where was moaning Morgan’s anger over Stephen Kinnock’s brazen flouting of the same rules in taking a 200 mile trip from Wales for a chill-out session with his father? Where was the professional irritant’s concern for public safety when Vaughan Gething – Welsh Labour’s Minister for Health – was caught tucking into a plate of cod and spuds at a seaside chippy?

“This makes me furious. I’m so sorry for your loss, and for your ongoing pain. It’s disgusting that our Prime Minister has today made a mockery of your suffering by saying the lockdown never really mattered” Morgan further said in regards to a member of the public who had been unable to attend their father’s funeral.

Yet if his infuriation is a genuine one, why was it absent when Labour MP Tahir Ali stuck two fingers up at grieving families by attending no less than two packed-out funerals in a single day?

Others have waded in too – some via keyboards, others taking a more physical approach – such as the rabid swarm of journalists who now daily descend on Cummings’ private Islington home.

Amongst a recent jostling pack of giddy paps and foaming-at-the-mouth jouros, all yelling out lamentations of Dom’s ‘hypocrisy’ (each of them ignoring the social distancing rules and neglecting both Cummings’ and the public’s ‘safety’ in the process) a female hack cockily yelled ‘Can I ask you, while I keep my distance…’ – as she stalked Cummings so closely that she may as well have produced a saddle from her handbag and ridden his back.

This is not journalism. It is political activism and the exploitation of platforms to attack the people they hate, while ignoring the misgivings of those they support.

The media figures we tune into are duping us with their claims of being non-partisan. Yet they are not only getting away with it but have morphed from not-so-subtle influencers to self-entitled assassins.

‘In light of today’s developments, I am regretfully forced to ban all cabinet ministers from appearing on Good Morning Britain until further notice” Piers Morgan wrote of the ‘scandal’ of a man trying to protect his children broke – while knowing full well that cabinet Ministers were already rightly boycotting his show like the plague. ‘Only exceptions will be those who didn’t publicly support Cummings breaching a lockdown that the Government forced on us to save lives.’

Take a second to dissect these words. Here we have an influential member of the British media abusing one of Britain’s most watched television channels to promote his own political beliefs and censor those he disagrees with.

This is not journalism.

The journalists from whom millions naïvely gobble-up their news and political ‘insight’ have shown themselves to be nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing.

What a dangerously hypocritical pack they are.

Author: Jay Beecher

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