It’s finally here after three and a half years, Brexit Day. The U.K. is formally out of the European Union.

And from where I’m sitting it looks like they are only just getting started.

For now though, on Saturday the transition period begins where nothing traumatic changes except that there is no longer the threat of Nigel Farage giving the odious European Parliament what for on a regular basis.

I will miss this. It’s been some of my most favorite television of the last fifteen years. And watching him get cut off is that moment when, for the first time, the mask finally slipped.

Farage was singing and for once they didn’t hear the Swedish National Anthem. They heard him loud and clear.

And the most stirring thing in that speech was Farage’s promise to keep going, to continue opposing the European Union.

Because Brexit is just the beginning of something larger and it’s savvy of Farage to note it in his farewell two fingers up to the EU.

The European Union just lost its first major battle against the people it rules with a disdainful technocratic fist.

It’s in damage control mode, telling us that no one else will be able to achieve what the U.K. has. Good luck with that. There are a lot of newly-minted populists in the world today than there were yesterday.

So, even if this is the acme of Farage’s political career, he’s achieved more by never personally winning an election for himself than any man in modern political history.

The establishment hates him for it. And they will downplay his role in it, but it is a truly astonishing accomplishment, this Brexit thing, no matter how it turns out in the end.

Most importantly, it proves that working within the system is the wrong way to go about societal change. You change things by going directly to the people and building your case from the ground up.

You don’t change anything except yourself by commanding the heights and trickling freedom down to the masses.

When you take a step back it’s also clear there’s more changing within and outside the U.K. that has been sparked by Farage’s calling than The Davos Crowd wants to admit.

Mission Improbable

Since Boris Johnson secured a deal with French President Emmanuel Macron to finally put the Remainer parliament in the U.K. out to pasture back in October, the signs have been building for a kind of reformation in British politics that points to a much different future.

Brexit, symbolically, is about the people finally beating back the long march of the institutions towards global tyranny. That’s what the EU is, a vehicle for global regulatory alignment and governance that is fundamentally, as Farage points out, anti-democratic and anti-individual.

But it is also the cancer that lies at the heart of the corruption we see all across the West. And breaking it down means also breaking down the cabal of oligarchs who have been charting its rise since the end of World War II.

They may be spinning up their latest bribe in the form of combating Climate Change, but that may be the biggest tell yet of how utterly out of touch they are with their reality.

Because none of this was supposed to happen. The EU is inevitable. The EU is eternal. The EU is all-powerful. Just ask them!

As I said previously, a cynical read of the recent British election should have seen Boris Johnson secure BRINO – Brexit in Name Only — for the global establishment. He’s got his Farage-proof majority and a very flawed withdrawal treaty.

But something odd has happened. And I think that cynical read is one that didn’t properly take into account just how much damage has been done to the institution of the British government over the past two years, in particular.

And it looks to me that the Queen is finally making her voice heard, through her proxies.

Let’s start Brexit itself. Johnson’s amendments to the Withdrawal Act put him in a very strong negotiating position with the EU for a trade deal. He enshrined in law that no extension to trade talks will occur.

He left No Deal on the table.

As Mike Shedlock pointed out earlier in the week, Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator for the EU, should be fired for incompetence. But Barnier continues to front he has the whip hand in trade talks.

He doesn’t. Johnson has all the leverage in trade negotiations because Trump stands ready to cut a deal the moment the transition period is over.

The Return of the Queen

The U.K. is not just leaving the EU. The U.K. is leaving on hostile terms. Johnson and the Queen have to re-establish themselves at the top of the competence hierarchy of British society if they are to stave off a political revolution.

And the best way to do that is to play hard ball with the EU whose humiliation tactics hardened British sentiment towards Brexit over time.

I think it’s hard for Americans to wrap their head around how much the British monarchy means to them, and I wouldn’t presume to guess, but it seems clear that if there was ever a time for the Queen to come in and restore faith in the British way of doing things, that time is now.

Embracing a hard Brexit, at least in theory, starts this process. Ignoring the whinging of the globalist Remainer camp and refusing to give them any ground is, in my opinion, the right path to take.

And the commanding rejection of them in the election gives both Johnson and the Queen the mandate to clean house, to drain their swamp, as it were.

This is why Prince Harry was allowed to leave his duties to the Royal Family. He’s an embarrassment. So is Prince Andrew, who needs to be shunted out of sight. And it’s why it’s very possible Prince Charles will be skipped in the succession and William handed the crown.

The British crown has been a captured piece for generations to British globalists and Communists, but I repeat myself. They have dominated British foreign and domestic policy for decades.

And if there is one thing we know about Elizabeth, she hates Commies.

But Brexit, along with the growing relationship between Johnson, the Queen and President Trump, created an opportunity to expose the rot that’s been on display for the past three and a half years.

The people see it now with stunning clarity and going forward will have less tolerance for it than they have in generations.

Steele Wheels

The signs have been building for weeks. But, the event that solidified for me that things are changing fundamentally is the Times of London story that former MI6 agent Christopher Steele “fabricated” most of the infamous Trump Dossier which spawned three years of political turmoil surrounding Donald Trump.

Watch The Duran’s immense video breaking this down to see the further implications here.

That Times article clearly leaves Steele out to hang and that doesn’t happen if there hasn’t been a complete change of scenery at the top of British governance.

The timing on this was note perfect. As the Senate waffled on whether to prolong this sham, the lynch pin to the case against the Trump campaign is cast aside by British Intelligence.

And, to me, taken with everything happening within the Royal Family tells me the Queen has finally returned to the board.

If Britain is sovereign again, then the Sovereign should be a factor again. Don’t think Trump treating her with deference and EU leadership with open disdain isn’t a factor here.

If there is a quid pro quo involving Donald Trump, look no further than his chat with the Queen last fall which the crazies tried so hard to stop. I’m sure Trump pledged an easy path to a trade deal in exchange for support in defeating the CIA coup against him.

And oh, look, right on time when the Democrats were about to drag this thing out into a circus, MI6 is leaving Steele out to hang.

Trump now beats the impeachment. No more witnesses he’s free to begin indicting everyone involved.

The coup has failed just like Remain did.

The Democrats will have no choice but to shift into full on insurrection against this “impeached and illegitimate” president. The next ten months will be off the charts weird.

But for the Brits it’s all downhill from here. They won the big fight. They have an irrepressible former commodities trader to thank for giving them a voice long suppressed.

And they can lead the rest of Europe out of its current nightmare. Because once they begin to succeed on their own terms, the EU emperor will truly stand naked before the world.

Author: Tom Luongo

Republished by permission of Gold, Goats ‘n Guns.

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