In late 2018 I asked the question, “Have we reached peak Soros?” Because back then I realized that Soros was losing.

And every issue I touched on in that article has come to pass. For more than ten years Soros and his cohort Tom Steyer, (who is now somehow presidential material?) have worked diligently to end free speech on the internet, to regain control of The Wire and end our ability to out them in real time to stop their Brave New World.

All around you, if you look closely enough, you will see the spectre of George Soros lurking behind the headlines. The caravan, net neutrality, regulating Facebook, the de-platforming of independent media, color revolutions and election meddling, refugee creation and manipulation, the trolls on Twitter, your blog and YouTube, etc.

All of these things we see in the headlines today are a product of George Soros’ money and his singular obsession with re-creating the world in his image.

In 2018 and 2019 Facebook dealt with massive data scandals which revealed just how deeply the company had breached the public trust. CEO Mark Zuckerberg was hauled in front of Congress in a big Kabuki Theatre show to threaten him with removing the Facebook’s immunity as a platform under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act .

And we all laughed at Data trying to become a real boy, having to dealing with these pesky human emotions.

But the threat to Facebook was real and it wasn’t temporary. It’s costs of compliance are rising. Its bureaucracy growing.

Pressuring Facebook publicly, putting it a no-win situation with the public is just part of Soros’ strategy to regain control over information flow of the internet..

It has been a decade-long, multi-step process.

First, create a solution in search of a problem. Net Neutrality was a means to create bandwidth subsidization with the government enforcing access. This appeals to the leftards in the audience, worried about corporate control when it would never happen.

To Donald Trump’s credit he ended that.

Second, create another problem by enticing social media platforms to use their power to curtail speech in an unbalanced way, breaching the firewall of Section 230 protection. This fires up the Q-tards, libertarians and conservatives.

All the while they were undermining the public’s trust in how their data is handled, and personifying the corruption — Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg — forcing them to publicly deal with the issues, well beyond their comfort zone.

That turns public frustration and anger over the unfairness into a call to action.

Well, that call to action finally arrived. Soros penned another of his outrageous opinion pieces in the New York Times on Friday (of course, not behind the paywall) to attack Mark Zuckerberg demanding his removal as CEO of Facebook. That’s the headline.

That’s the click bait.

But, here’s the real point of Soros’ attack. He builds a conspiracy between Facebook and Donald Trump to get him re-elected as prima facia evidence Facebook no longer deserves Section 230 immunity.

The responsible approach is self-evident. Facebook is a publisher not just a neutral moderator or “platform.” It should be held accountable for the content that appears on its site.

Speaking at a cocktail party in Davos on Jan. 22, Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, repeated the worn Silicon Valley cliché that Facebook is trying to make the world a better place. But Facebook should be judged by what it does, not what it says.

I repeat and reaffirm my accusation against Facebook under the leadership of Mr. Zuckerberg and Ms. Sandberg. They follow only one guiding principle: maximize profits irrespective of the consequences. One way or another, they should not be left in control of Facebook.

This is truly another crazy moment where Soros, in his desperation, thinks he can make the credible case that Facebook, which has been nothing but hostile to conservatives and libertarians since its inception, is now actively working with Trump preferentially to enable his re-election.

This depth of this man’s evil is truly breathtaking. Ingenious, but evil.

I remind you that Soros isn’t a person. He’s not an entrepreneur. He’s a vampire, living off the accumulated wealth of a society grown complacent and lazy. He’s only ever made money by manipulating a zero-sum game — currency trading — which he himself has a hand in setting the stage for.

And that lack of true service to humanity is why he’s obsessed with his grand project of the Open Society, as he defines it. This is his where his megalomania stems from, that deep understanding that he’s a leech and a fraud.

It’s why he insists the media calls him a philanthropist and not a devourer of souls and agent of chaos.

But Soros is edging closer everyday to the villain in Alan Moore’s Watchmen, Adrian Veidt. A man so obsessed with what he saw as humanity’s failures that he took it upon himself to save us from ourselves.

He just had to kill millions of people in order to do it.

Soros existed for years like Veidt, a man hiding behind proxies and a philanthropist’s image while quietly pulling the strings to change the direction of the world.

For more than two years I’ve been saying that Facebook is in trouble. There comes a point where growth simply isn’t possible if you already have 25% market share of the entire human race.

This quarter’s earnings report saw the stock get crushed into the monthly close as headcount and operations costs are rising quickly while the growth rate cannot sustain a P/E of 40 in a market finally looking to cut out the froth.

It’s not a deal-breaker. The company is wildly profitable but from here it can only slow down and the more Soros push for higher-level and more pervasive deplatforming the more high-value Facebook users will bolt.

It’s what will kill YouTube in the end.

Soros wants Facebook to be a glorified government Ministry of Information Filtering, because he understands the power of a mass platform. Facebook is The Wire now. He failed to control the ISPs with Net Neutrality.

And it looks like Facebook’s unwillingness to go full Palpatine vexes him further. That’s why he’s pushing a public feud, trying to appeal to conservatives who rightly don’t like Zuckerberg.

But, Zuckerberg is a pawn. He’s neither the problem nor the solution. Soros is the problem and we have to remember this at all times. While being banned from Twitter or Facebook for stupid reasons is unfair, so what.

Life isn’t fair, but it doesn’t mean we hand an already corrupt, incompetent and failing government more power to control the content we have access to.

There are other networks, other platforms. Good information is found. The truth sells itself.

Ultimately, Facebook is an intelligence operation for Wall St. and the government (or do I repeat myself) masquerading a social media platform. And the more it is exposed as such the less profitable it will become. I left the platform last year and haven’t looked back.

So have many others. Soros, in his zeal to control information flow, has weaponized it by pressuring failing governments into into treating criticism against his projects a crime against decency.

He may believe he’s winning the argument, but his op-ed, which by his standards is stunningly incompetent, betrays a hint of desperation there is a split between him and Wall St.

Wall St. is amoral. They aren’t ideologues like Soros. They go where the money is. And the money is still in a version of Facebook that allows the illusion of political debate.

Soros, on the other hand, is openly backing anti-Wall St. candidates like Elizabeth Warren. He’s partnered with Tom Steyer on internet control. Facebook is Wall St.’s darling, feeding them all the data, money and power they could ever want.

They really aren’t ready to slay the golden goose just because George is dead set against Trump. Given the field and the collapse of the impeachment, Trump is the best candidate Wall St. has in this election unless Hillary pantsuits up and pinch hits for the DNC.

Hillary is great at hitting softballs. But, as we all know, to make it in the majors you can’t have trouble with the curve. You need to be adaptive and flexible. Hillary is neither of those.

So, ultimately, Hillary’s quest to win back Wall St. for the globalists will fall short, even if Wall St. hedges their bets with her against Trump one more time.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s oligarchs like Soros have lost the ability to shape the narrative in their favor. It doesn’t work like it used to. People refused to be cowed into silence simply because they may lose their YouTube channel or Facebook page.

There is a profound up welling of change occurring all across the world.

And it comes from the decentralization of information and there’s little people like Soros can do to stop it. They can put up roadblocks. They can slow things down.

But the costs to do this are rising constantly as technology makes communications cheaper. The days of controlling the on-ramps to information through artificial barriers to entry are over.

China will find that out the hard way. Soros will too. He doesn’t understand that populism isn’t popular because dumb people get bad information from dishonest advertising.

Populism is popular because moldy old globalists like him suck the joy out of life and destroy their homes, families and communities. And no one actually wants to live in his brave new world of culture-free, soulless hyper-correctness.

There is no such thing as a happy police state. There’s just anxiety, neurosis and endless porn.

Any idea that cannot stand up to criticism, no matter how crude or ignorant, is worthy of our consideration. And that’s what Soros’ lame attempts at control ultimately are, a pathetic attempt to stifle criticism by creating a worldwide network of tattle-tales and gatekeepers.

In Watchmen, Veidt convinced the State (Dr. Manhattan) to do just that, killing Rorschach who refused to accept the lie and would expose the truth.

And that’s exactly what Soros is doing asking for Facebook’s platform immunity to be revoked. Continuing to use Facebook in ways it doesn’t approve of or leaving the platform is how we fight both Zuckerberg and Soros. Forcing them to adapt to our curve balls, remembering that without us they have no power, that’s how we win.

Not by using the very thing that wants us curtailed, caged, taxed and just mobile enough to think we’re free to protect us from each other, or worse, bad ideas.

Author: Tom Luongo

Republished by permission of Gold, Goats ‘n Guns.

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Picture by Niccolò Caranti [CC BY-SA]. Picture cropped. 

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