It has been eight months now since Technical Politics published its first article, an account of a film released by the US-based Heritage Foundation, entitled ‘Plea Bargaining or Plea Extortion? Federalist Society Documentary Highlights “the Astonishing Array of Coercive Tools” Used to Extract Confessions in US Criminal Justice‘. Since then, we have gone on to publish or republish 661 further articles, and currently set ourselves the target of publishing around eight articles a day.

Many of the articles on the website are republished by kind permission of think tanks, public policy institutes and political websites, and we are tremendously grateful to each for granting us the permission to reprint their content.

We are really grateful to all those who have found Technical Politics this early on, and who revisit the website on a regular basis. Thanks! It’s highly appreciated!

While tiny by comparison with better-established current affairs websites, our visitor numbers are slowly creeping upwards, and as we look to improve the quality of the content and increase the number of original pieces on the website, we hope that they will continue to do so. Currently, we have around 5000 unique monthly visitors, with the United States and China being our two largest readerships. In response to the high level of interest from China, we plan to increase the amount of original of China and Asia-focused content in 2020, such as this commentary on China’s new Foreign Investment Law.

Going into the 2020, we have set ourselves three straightforward priorities:

  1. More original content;
  2. Greater focus on legislation, litigation and public policy discussions; and,
  3. Broadening the range of perspectives and partners represented on the website.

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With view counts as of 31 December, here were the top ten stories on Technical Politics in 2019:

10. UK General Election 2019: Updates (384 views)

“Just hour after hour of self-justification, eulogies for remainers, and finger-pointing at leavers, not even the pretense of objectivity, and barely any pushback on how his fingers on the scale created this tidal wave of popular anger across the heartlands of our country at his frustration of the democratic will. This is so symptomatic of how out-of-touch Islington (or Battersea) elites have become!

“Who schedules this stuff, Sky?”

9. You Have a Right Not to Be Tracked: An Exclusive Interview with Lord Clement-Jones (398 views)

“I think you have the right to know when your data are being shared, and you have the right to know when technology is being applied to your identity. It’s obvious when you go through passport control, but, for instance, in King’s Cross in London for two years, people had facial recognition cameras pointed at them. They were collecting data on individuals, and people didn’t know about it.

“In the case of facial recognition, you have the right not to be tracked as you go about your business, if you are not a criminal or a terrorist. That seems to be a fundamental right. Are we saying that the state has the right to observe every single individual? That seems to me to be the big brother state quite honestly.”

8. Larry C. Johnson: Growing Indicators of Brennan’s CIA Trump Task Force (473 views)

“When I described this to one friend, a retired CIA Chief of Station, his first response was, “My G*d, that’s illegal.” We then reminisced about another illegal operation carried out under the auspices of the CIA Central American Task Force back in the 1980s. That became known to Americans as the Iran Contra scandal.

“I sure hope that John Durham and his team are looking at this angle. If true it marks a new and damning indictment of the corruption of the CIA. Rather than spying on genuine foreign threats, this Task Force played a critical role in creating and feeding the meme that Donald Trump was a tool of the Russians and a puppet of Putin.”

7. The Social Decay that We See All Around Us Is Absolutely Breathtaking (523 views)

“Throughout human history we have seen great nations rise and fall, and for many of them it was not actually an external threat that took them down.  When the social decay inside a society gets bad enough, it is just a matter of time before that society falls apart.  That is why what is happening to the United States is so deeply troubling.  Everywhere around us there is evidence that the social order in this country is rotting.  At one time we were the most respected nation on the entire planet, but now we have become the laughingstock of the world.  And instead of setting a good example for the rest of us, our leaders are some of the greatest examples of corruption and filth.

“Our founders would be absolutely nauseated if they could see what our federal government has become today.  There is so much corruption in Congress that nobody is really fazed when yet another scandal breaks.  This week, the public learned about the twisted sexual adventures of Democratic congresswoman Katie Hill, and there isn’t that much public outrage because we have come to expect this sort of thing from our representatives.”

6. Larry C. Johnson: More Evidence that the Comey FBI Was a Malevolent Clown Show (595 views)

“I believe in repentance and redemption. But the FBI remains an unrepentant, vile sinner. Yesterday, Tuesday, the FBI and the Department of Justice made a stunning admission in the Michael Flynn case–they mislabeled evidence. DOJ sheepishly admitted that the notes of the interview of Michael Flynn taken by Agent Pientka actually belonged to Agent Strzok and that the notes attributed to Strzok actually belonged to Pientka. Holy Guacamole, Batman. It is still not clear that the FBI is freely confessing its sin and is committed to turning its bureaucratic life around.

“There is no good news in this for the government’s case. At a minimum it exposes the FBI as incompetent clowns. At worse, it may be evidence of a deliberate effort to deceive the defense and the judge. It has been exposed because of the insistent demands of the principled Sidney Powell, a relentless Honey Badger. That woman will not quit in demanding that General Flynn be treated fairly. She knows right from wrong. Cannot say the same for the FBI. The Bureau is a disgrace.”

5. Larry C. Johnson: Understanding What Sidney Powell Is Doing to Kill the Case against Michael Flynn (605 views)

“The conclusion is simple–the FBI fabricated a case against General Flynn. We now wait to see if Judge Sullivan will acknowledge this crooked conduct and exonerate the good General. Justice demands it.

“These are not my facts. They are the facts based on documents submitted on the record to Judge Sullivan. I find it shocking that no journalist has had the energy or interest to cover this. Just one more reminder of the putrid state of journalism and investigative reporting. The charges levied against General Flynn by the Mueller prosecutors are without foundation.”

4. US Attorneys May Have Violated Constitutional Rights, Immigration Law in Prosecuting Assyrian Lawyer (726 views)

“The government did not have to prove that DeKelaita had actually done something wrong, but that he “conspired” to do so. What is also required is to show that DeKelaita had “conspired” with someone. However, despite the fact that the US Attorney’s claim was that DeKelaita had conspired with “Attorneys A and B,” namely Alen Taksh and Alan Jacob, both of whom were employed by DeKelaita, no one admitted at trial that he had conspired with DeKelaita. Attorney Alen Takhsh, an Assyrian that DeKelaita employed in 2010, testified against DeKelaita but never alleged that there was a conspiracy between him and DeKelaita. Further, the Judge in the case found that none of the witnesses that testified against DeKelaita had been co-conspirators. What then was the case against DeKelaita?”

3. Video: Christian Doctor Secures Freedom to Pray (799 views)

A Christian doctor, Richard Scott, has been vindicated after a concerted and targeted attack against him by a secularist campaign group was thrown out by the General Medical Council (GMC). The GMC ruled that there was no evidence and that the doctor had done nothing wrong.

2. Is Whitehall Planning to Replace Britain’s Native Population? (872 views)

“Brexit was a last attempt by the common people to regain their sovereignty. It is not an argument about a 4% tariffs on Belgium vegetables, 5% on German Pilsner, or 2% on BMW tyres; it is about who should rule, those we elect through the ballot box or a self-appointed, self-serving, self-enriching oligarchy. We now have rulers who are out to destroy us. The seeds of revolution have been planted.”

1. Spare Us Yet! The Three Godless Ideologies Razing the West (1258 views)

“Yet beneath the surface, for anyone with the perspicacity to notice it, it was clear that something is rotten. Something is rotten when the White House becomes a harem, when senior politicians are jetting off to Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island, and when Satanic rituals are being performed at Bohemian Grove. Something is rotten in the United States of America.

“Most Western nations today are run by elites even more hostile to Christian faith, Judeo-Christian heritage, traditional moral values, natural society, the pursuit of truth, and a traditional understanding of the nation-state. Trust in God, long absent from the money markets, academia and Hollywood, is increasingly being squeezed out of other institutions of public life. Having freed itself of the ‘shackles’ of a mindset that made it both good and great, elite thought is characterised by equal measures of naivety and mendacity. Stupidity is the penalty for sin.”

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