Tunisia has officially become the first nation in the post-Arab Spring Middle East to enact sex education guidelines in nearly 20 years.

While much of the Middle East continues to grapple with the implications of the secularist rebellion that took place earlier in the decade, Tunisia maintains its place as the most “progressive” nation in the region.

For example, Tunisian women have had access to birth control, something virtually anathema in Islamic regions, since 1962, and they have enjoyed the right to murder their unborn children since 1965.

Now, the North African nation’s children will have the dubious honor of being the only children in the region receiving sex education from their public school teachers.

In the program, which took effect this month, children as young as five years old will “begin learning about their bodies in a biological and religious-based way in hopes of protecting them from sexual harassment, catcalling, rape and molestation,” according to The Media Line.

Under the supervision of the Tunisian Education Ministry, the curriculum was developed by the Tunisian Association of Reproductive Health, the U.N. Population Fund, and the Arab Institute for Human Rights. The lessons will be integrated into other subjects, such as Arabic, physical education, and science “by opening discussions to correct concepts.”

The program will roll out in a limited number of cities this month and January, beginning an experimental two-year period. If the curriculum is deemed successful, elementary and middle school students throughout the country will eventually receive sex education rooted in science and religion, according to Slah Zouaghi, a spokesperson for the Tunisian Embassy in Washington.

Tunisian high schoolers will learn about pregnancy and abortion, Zouaghi said, but the details of that program are still being worked out.

According to The Media Line, Lebanon, another Muslim-dominated Arab country, introduced sex education to 12- and 14-year-old students in 1995, but the program was withdrawn in 2000 “over concerns of perversion.”

While the Muslim-majority folks in the Middle East are already on a faulty foundation without the truth of the Living God, it is nonetheless lamentable that they are not learning from our Western example of what it looks like when a secular society abandons basic morality and sexual ethics.

It will not be long before Tunisia, who currently outlaws same-sex acts and unions, sees their own epidemic of perversion. The seeds have already been sown.

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