Thanks to exponential growth in the distribution and capacity of communication technology, never in human history has the potential for centralised control of human society been greater. A generation ago, most people would have considered it unthinkable that we would submit to walking around with an open camera and open microphone, and that we would consent to all our transactions being spied upon… much less that we would willingly adopt these constraints and pay for them out of our own pockets.

But the loss of privacy is not happening merely in a generalised sense whereby we are all leading lives that are more legible – to use James Scott’s term – but we are becoming superlegible to a select group of powerful individuals and bodies, and this is a reflection of a spiritual battle for the heart of humanity.

A new video out from Truthstream Media’s Boiler Room captures many aspects of the coming dystopia.

When you see it all together you do start to see that there’s a second level of language, where they’re not just talking overtly, but they’re also hinting at the types of control that are coming.

Ordinary people are losing not only the freedom to speak, but the ability to think freely, while creators are being guided to produce certain types of content if they want to continue earning a living off of youtube and google ads.

They’re going to data-track everything.

These algorithm changes and everything they’re doing on social media, they want to train the content creators with learned helplessness concerning big issues, and just shut everybody up.

What happens as a result is that the information space, so critical to our ability to think freely and critically, is collectivised, and we are stripped of the tools to engage in intellectually-liberating thought. This may be attributed according to the contributors to behaviourist thought, which although widely discredited when it first appeared in the 1960s, appears to be enjoying something of a renaissance in recent times.

The behaviorist, materialist, Darwinist assumption that if you can just control people’s behaviour and, of course, control the environmental stimulus that elicits certain behaviours, then you can make utopia.

As another contributor puts it, “the individual is only important in relation to the collective”.

Peak Syntheticality

As natural interpersonal communication begins to be replaced mediated communication, so has the synthetic replaced the natural in most other aspects of our lives.

From food to clothes to building materials to social relations, mass societies have ditched the natural in favour of the synthetic. You are probably sitting now in plastic clothes, staring at a silicon screen, and drive in a plastic filled car, to watch the chimera of a mass movie. And increasingly we are being told that it is no longer right to eat natural food. “Stop living off of nature and eat this lab-produced gloup that comes out of a box!” is what we are being told.

Behind this lies an elitist attitude towards ordinary people borne of a faith in the power of expert or technocratic rule.

The idea [is] that we’re going to have technocrats tell us what we can and can’t eat, and what we can and can’t think.

They just want people to give in to a mentality where a world body, a supranational authority filled with scientists and experts, they’ll decide what’s okay to do, and then you just do what you’re told, and feel good about it.

The movement towards technocracy is more than simply a structural or social battle however. It is a reflection of a spiritual battle going on for the soul of man.

The endgame of what we are opposing is spiritual in nature, it’s global, it’s not a corporation against some other corporation, it’s not a council of guys in a smoky room, there’s real spiritual evil. And if you can’t recognise that you’re not going to recognise how this whole system moves globally to try to do these things in what can only be described as evil.

You accumulate this knowledge and you see what’s going on in this world, and at some point you have to make a choice.

You’re going to have to make a choice as to how much of your physical being you want to have invaded by this technology.

At the end of the video, the filmmakers offer their thoughts as to the nature of the resistance that must take place.

Watch the full video below: 

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