Virginia Democrats have struck again!

This time, the Old Dominion’s leftist legislators have voted to end the mandatory reporting of crimes committed or experienced by students including sexual battery, stalking, and threats by students against school teachers and staff.

According to NewsWars, HB 257, introduced by Delegate Mike Mullin (D-93), “eliminates the requirement that school principals report certain enumerated acts that may constitute a misdemeanor offense to law enforcement.”

Previously, school principles would have been required by law to report such crimes to law enforcement. Now, as part of the party’s “restorative justice” initiatives, mainly felony-level offenses will be the only crimes that will be required to be reported.

Mullin’s bill was incorporated with another, HB 695, which also removed the requirement that school officials report the possession of less than one-quarter ounce of marijuana found on a student’s person or possessions “on a school bus, on school property, or at a school-sponsored activity.”

In other words, Virginia Democrats virtually decriminalized the possession of marijuana for children at school, something that would carry a penalty of 30 days in jail and up to a $500 fine on the streets.

“Democrats in Richmond took school safety in a dramatically different and potentially dangerous direction this week,” said Virginia’s House Minority Leader Todd Gilbert (R-15) in a Facebook post on Friday, announcing that House Democrats had “adopted a policy that will make our students, teachers, and school personnel significantly less safe.”

“Instances of sexual battery, stalking, and threats against teachers and staff are not ‘discipline problems.’ They are serious crimes with real victims that need to be investigated and prosecuted,” Gilbert continued.

Democrats in Richmond took school safety in a dramatically different, and potentially dangerous, direction this week.

Posted by Delegate Todd Gilbert on Friday, 21 February 2020

Gilbert also paralleled the new “restorative justice” policy with the same lenient, failed policies that allowed Nikolas Cruz to go on a premeditated killing spree at Stoneman Douglas High School.

“Failing to report serious crimes in hopes of keeping students out of the ‘school to prison pipeline’ is the same type of policy that allowed the Parkland shooting to take place,” Gilbert said. “The The Parkland Commission found a strong connection between failure to report incidents and the loss of life.”

NewsWars notes that Gilbert attempted to debate these concerns on the House floor, with Mullin quipping that Gilbert is not “hard of hearing and that he is asking me to repeat this over again even though he heard it the first time.”

Virginia’s radical leftist delegates and senators are quickly turning the state into a degenerate dystopia on par with New York and California. These tyrants must be stopped!

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