A new video from Nigel Farage has released a new video exposing the complicity of the French and British authorities in bringing foreign colonists across the English Channel and into the United Kingdom.

In the video the French Navy is seen escorting a boat with 22 migrants to the edge of the French territorial waters before effectively handing it over to the UK authorities.

Commenting on the activity, Farage responded,

You might as well have a big sign on the White Cliffs of Dover over there that says, ‘Anyone that comes to Britain illegally can stay’.

Australia faced this a few years ago.

They dealt with it.

They said that anyone that comes by this route won’t be allowed to stay.

That is what we have to do as well.

We are being taken for a ride by everyone, including the French Navy, who are allowing these vessels to come into British territorial waters, despite the money we’ve given them to prevent it.

The video also shows the active efforts of the authorities to cover up the handover of migrants from French to British jurisdiction, as Farage’s crew are threatened with their vessel being commandeered in response to their attempts to film the handover.

Watch the full video below:


The foreign-born population of the United Kingdom in 2018 was estimated at 9.3 million by the University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory, up from only 4.9 million in 2001. This represents an increase of roughly 90% over a 17-year period.

Furthermore, the UK has largely failed to integrate incomers, resulting in the growth of ethnic enclaves where racism against indigenous Brits, and hostility towards the British state, are rife. These trends are mirrored in other European states that have abandoned traditional moral and civic values, factors that have contributed to a precipitous collapse in European demographics.

Without a moral and spiritual renewal, the viability of the diversity embedded in traditional European cultures and societies is going to come increasingly under threat.

Greater investment in Postcolonial Studies could also draw attention to the importance of indigenous culture and the negative impact of long-term colonisation.

The limited migration resulting from intermarriage, on the other hand, is a net positive for societies, as it comes with integration ‘baked into the cake’. Also, if jus soli were to be replaced in the UK by jus sanguine, there would be no reason why economic migration could not be allowed: the example of the United Arab Emirates which restricts citizenship to Emiratis, but freely admits economic migrants, is instructive in this respect.

What is not acceptable is the transplantation of communities from Asia and Africa through chain migration and illegal immigration with the wholesale replacement of the native populations of European cities that this entails.


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