We are thrilled to be able to report on yet another victory in the fight against the harmful transgender ideology that is plaguing the impressionable and vulnerable children of this country!

Despite West Virginia and Virginia being neighbors and related in name, the two states couldn’t be more different.

Since Virginia has become a progressive stronghold, state lawmakers are quickly pumping out all manner of pro-LGBT legislation, which they will have no problem getting passed and signed into law.

Meanwhile, West Virginia is taking a stand against the pervasive and immoral LGBT agenda as they join the ranks of states all across the country drafting bills that will prohibit minors from undergoing so-called medical transitions.

The bill, introduced Friday in the West Virginia House, would prevent minors under the age of 18 from undergoing gender reassignment surgeries or beginning irreversible hormone replacement therapies.

WCHS 8 reports:

Del. S. Marshall Wilson, I-Berkeley, said House Bill 4609 is an attempt to prevent a minor from making a decision they may regret for the rest of their life.

“It is my belief that it’s simple common sense to recognize that irreversible, life-altering decisions, such as permanently changing the appearance and function of one’s body or losing the ability to procreate should be made by thoughtful adults rather than by adolescents,” Wilson said.

The bill would also prohibit a parent or guardian from substituting their consent for that of a minor.

House Bill 4609 has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

It only takes simple common sense to know that young, impressionable children should be counseled and encouraged to wait until adulthood to make these kinds of permanent, irreversible decisions concerning their bodies and futures.

Yet, progressive, LGBT advocates have convinced parents and medical professionals that allowing children to mutilate their bodies is a good, inclusive, loving thing to do.

This ideology is irreversible damaging young people and causing nothing but chaos, confusion, and godlessness.

Thank God for another state taking the necessary steps to protect children from the vile practice of “gender reassignment” medical procedures.

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