To be successful in business today multinational enterprises (MNEs) need an impressive online portfolio that drives traffic, increases brand awareness and outperforms their competitors. WebsiteToolTester has analysed OECD data to reveal which of the world’s biggest companies are snapping up the most domains alongside their estimated combined traffic, to see which companies are getting the most visitors per month. You can view the findings in full here.

Which companies receive the most traffic?

The online giant receiving the most traffic is Alphabet Inc which receives almost 120 billion visits (119,879,300,000). Alphabet owns 422 domains with the biggest being which receives over 77 billion visits – making up well over half of Alphabet’s monthly traffic. Over 77 billion visits per month equates to 29,726 visits every second! is the company’s second-biggest domain which sees 27.8 billion visits. Some of the company’s famous acquisitions can also be seen in their bank of domains, with the likes of GPS navigation software Waze, computer programs company DeepMind and workplace pension scheme Nest – which was purchased for over $3 billion in 2014.

Microsoft Corp is the second biggest company in terms of total traffic with their domains reaching a total of 7.2 billion visits. The online giant owns 139 domain names, including,, and, which it famously purchased for over $26 billion in 2016. But the domain generating the most traffic for Microsoft is – the personal email website which receives over 2.2 billion visits.

Retail giant Inc receives over 6 billion total visits across their 258 domain names. Unsurprisingly, taking the lead for Amazon Inc is, which sees over 2 billion visits in total.

See the top 10 companies with the most traffic in the table below:

Rank MNE Name Sum of traffic/visits
1st Alphabet Inc 119,879,300,000
2nd Microsoft Corp 7,248,100,000
3rd Inc 6,003,800,000
4th Nippon Telegraph 1,162,600,000
5th AT&T Inc 1,097,700,000
6th Walt Disney Co 782,700,000
7th Samsung Electronics Co Ltd 779,500,000
8th Comcast Corp 700,300,000
9th Verizon Communications Inc 660,000,000
10th International Business Machines Corp 583,300,000

Why are they gaining the traction they do?

As parent company of Google, it’s no surprise Alphabet Inc sees a huge amount of traffic every month, but what are some of the other reasons leading to their success? Alphabet’s biggest domain is alone brings the company 77 billion visits, being the main go-to search engine for most people, this is one of the reasons Alphabet generates a lot of traffic. The second biggest domain owned by Alphabet is, which again sees a huge amount of traffic, 27.8 billion, as the main video streaming website out there. Alphabet acquired google in 2015 when Google’s founder Larry Page decided to create a new company that could become a holding for Google’s other companies such as Nest.

Apart from being the competitor of some of the biggest technology brands out there, Microsoft also developed a second part of their marketing strategy by investing in global datacenters in order to become a dominant cloud host and service provider, hence why they come in second place for owning the web. Microsoft’s biggest and most successful domain is which reaches 2,210,000,000 visitors alone. Microsoft is also the owner of, and 136 more domain names all adding value to its monthly traffic and success.
Unilever’s two biggest sites are ‘’ and ‘’, despite owning domain names for some of the world’s most well-known brands. When it comes to traffic, the two sites combined see around 5 million visits a month.

Nestle SA has acquired the second most domain names at 907, including the likes of food and drinks brands ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ which all bring in huge amounts of traffic but also money, from sales revenue.

Author: ‘Website Tool Tester’. 

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