The belief being pushed by LGBT activists and transgender supporters is that if a person feels like the opposite sex, all they need to do is physically and medically transition to live “their truth” and be made “whole.” Unfortunately, what many transgender individuals are coming to find out is that this is a patent lie and mutilating your body and disrupting its natural processes do not and will never resolve the underlying psychological issues of gender dysphoria.

Recently, the detransition movement has been picking up steam and receiving more attention. Over the weekend, in Manchester, England the world’s first gender detransition conference was held. The sold-out conference drew in 200 people and featured real-life stories and expert testimonies.

LifeSiteNews reports:

“Detransition: The Elephant in the Room. Medical Ethics in the Age of Gender Identity” was held in Manchester, England on November 30. Organized by an independent feminist collective called “Make More Noise”, the sold-out event included a panel of medical and psychological health experts as well as young women who are “detransitioning” from attempts to make them men.

The event also marked the official launch of the Detransition Advocacy Network headed by Charlie Evans, 28, a woman who identified as a man for a decade. Evans decided to found the group to help the hundreds of young people she says have reached out to her after regretting their own experiments with hormonal treatments and surgeries. 

The two-hour meeting was live-tweeted by the “Safe Schools Alliance UK,” a lobby group that seeks to ensure the safeguarding of children in schools, which includes protecting girls’ bodily privacy from males and all children from pressure to consider themselves transgender.

The meeting was kicked off by Charlie Evans, who said, “We are not motivated by hate. We are motivated by solidarity, sisterhood, and a strong sense of justice.”

Several detransitioners gave their personal stories such as Max, who said she wanted to be a male to escape “lesbophobia and male harassment,” while another named Kira, said she had always been a “gender noncomformist child” until she “began to feel pressure to conform to femininity.” After beginning hormone therapy and having a double mastectomy at age 20, Kira realized these things were not contributing to any kind of self-acceptance.

“How can I possibly be loving myself if I am sacrificing my general health in order to change my whole being?” she asked.

This is a point worth pausing on. The entirety of the LGBT movement is to focus on “self-love” and “self-acceptance” but transgenderism is centered on the very idea that you have to change literally everything about yourself to be able to accept yourself. It’s complete lunacy and really exposes just how hollow and dangerous the LGBT ideology really is.

Experts who spoke at the conference included Dr. David Bell, a consultant psychiatrist in the Adult Department of London’s Tavistock Centre, where the Gender Identity Development Service for children is located. Bell pointed out that, by his estimation, gender “reassignment” clinics are not following up with patients post-operation.

This is really part of the problem. There is no actual concern for the well-being of these individuals. These clinics are just revolving doors for vulnerable people who are suffering from gender dysphoria. They come in, receive their drugs, undergo mutilation, and are pushed right back out the door without any follow-up or check-in. It’s a medical travesty.

Bell also said he believes the term “puberty blockers” is completely misleading and while they are a powerful drug given to young children to delay the onset of puberty, he surmises they most likely have physiological ramifications beyond delaying puberty. As if delaying puberty isn’t troublesome enough.

“The lack of long term evidence is the biggest issue in this field,” he said.

His point was supported by Dr. Hannah Ryan, an infectious disease researcher, who noted that there is no long-term data collecting happening after puberty-blockers and hormone replacement therapy, which she points out are both long-term treatments.

Many at the conference discussed being labeled as hateful and being silenced because of their stances on these issues.

“We are advised against using the terms ‘detransition’ and ‘desisters’,” one worried medical professional in attendance noted.


A psychologist in the audience expressed concern about the ‘affirmation-only model’ which, the Safe Schools Alliance UK member noted, “advocates immediate social transition for gender-questioning children.” 

Still another audience member voiced concern that gender ideology sounds like “old school sexism”, and Dr. Bell replied by saying he had observed a “caricaturing of gender stereotypes” through transition.

The issue of girls feeling that girls are supposed to follow a narrow concept of femininity or “transition” into men appeared again when a panel of young women who are now “detransitioning” from their attempts to be men discussed their experiences. One young woman, called Ellie, said she had lacked role models of “masculine” females.

The LGBT crowd insists that there should be no pressure to conform to a gender all the while they push the idea that if you don’t fit into a gender, you should change your gender. That is literally the same as saying, “girls should behave like girls and boys should behave like boys,” which is exactly what they claim to be against. It’s mind-boggling.

The detransitioners at this conference are the voices the LGBT crowd and its supporters need to be hearing. They prove that there are not individual truths but rather only one truth and that truth says you are born the gender you are meant to be and physically damaging and mutilating your body will never change that. It will never bring happiness.

This conference is both a beacon of hope and a somber reminder of why we need to keep fighting on against the wicked LGBT ideology and agenda that has already claimed so many victims.

These women have been left abused and scarred by medical professionals who claimed they were “helping” them. They’ve been betrayed by those who have promised to do no harm through their Hippocratic oaths. They’ve been abandoned by the very movement who persuaded them to take this path to begin with. LGBT activists are vehemently supportive of members within their community, just not these members who do nothing to further the cause.

Pray for the spiritual well-being of those who are dealing with the regret of their transitions. It must be a very heavy burden to bear.

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