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Hubmaier: The Services Marketplace

Hubmaier offers a platform where providers of personal, professional and business services can market and sell distinct services directly.

Even a simple contracting firm might offer hundreds or even thousands of distinct services. Chances are your potential clients are only guessing at the range of expertise your firm possesses. On Hubmaier, each service has its own product page, and customers can learn about what you offer, generate a quote and check out directly.

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Expires 18 May 2020.

Where Next Design

The Where Next Design team have a combined 35 years of experience in the house building and manufacturing industries and are bringing their expertise to the staycation sector. The vision is simple – to create unique, contemporary spaces, unlike anything on the market.

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Expires 17 May 2020. 

Armoured Vehicles

If you are interested in learning more about armoured vehicle options, email engage at hubmaier dot com.

Expires 15 May 2020. 

Write for Technical Politics

Technical Politics would be happy to consider for publication ideas articles on public policy, current legislation, parliamentary or select committee debates, or public policy-related events.

Articles may focus on public policy as it relates to any country, subnational unit, government or international organisation. Particular preference is given to balanced or neutral articles describing the fullest range of opinions on the topic, and including substantial quotations from representatives of both or all sides of the debate.

We also welcome original or prepublished copy from think tanks and public policy institutes, and we are especially grateful for content focused on public policy in non-English speaking countries.

Email us on editors at technical politics dot com for further information.

Expires 15 May 2020. 


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