Coronavirus Fears Are the Catalyst for Gold’s Surge

"According to Citi’s analysts led by Aakash Doshi, this kind of outperformance is merely the beginning of a bull run for the ages. The team recently published their short- and long-term forecasts, revealing that the metal has enough momentum to breach $1,700 over the next six to 12 months. However, their expectations for gold over the 12-24 month periods are even more bullish, as the team expects gold to pass its all-time high and climb to $2,000 during that time."

British MP Tries to Criminalise Pro-Life Demonstrations

“Since abortion became possible in 1967 there have been over 9 million abortions. That is a legalised, silent holocaust, which Christian Hacking and his colleagues were lawfully, peacefully and courageously campaigning on. We are determined to fight for justice in this case.”

Sharia Marriages Ruled Invalid under English Law

"Baroness Cox has campaigned for many years for a legal requirement for religious marriages to be registered. Her Bill to this effect has not so far had the support of the government. A requirement to register Islamic marriages would protect the women if their husband divorces or abandons them, and also act to prevent polygamy."

The EU Isn’t Interested in Free Trade with the UK, Just Political Domination

"It’s ironic that while UK Remainers agonise endlessly over the supposed disastrous effects of the UK breaking away from the EU’s trade and regulatory system, the EU Commission appears to fear the precise opposite – that such a breakaway will allow a more nimble UK to thrive and leave the EU in its wake, and that such an outcome might encourage other member states to follow the UK out of the door."

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