The Human Rights Council: A Pointless UN Body?

"Blameworthy actions are being carried out by many [UNHCR] members, including Libya (armed conflict; arbitrary arrests; human trafficking; harsh, even life-threatening prison conditions), Mauritania (nearly 100,000 people are slaves; exercising one's freedom of religion or expression can be punishable by death), and Sudan (assaults on and murder of human rights advocates and journalists)."

Alex Johnson: The Tragedy of David Starkey

"One could say this is a just cause. However, is it so when fellow Cambridge academic Priyamvada Gopal has not only avoided being reprimanded by her university but instead defended by it for her own racially sensitive comments?"

Year Zero in America

"... millions were forced to toil in the countryside. "Bad elements" and "New People"—intellectuals, government officials, Buddhists, shopkeepers, disfavored ethnicities—were either worked to death in rural collectives or executed outright."

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