Michael Flynn Files a Clarifying Brief and the Court Schedule Changes

"The primary argument in the motion to withdraw the guilty plea was that the Justice Department (DOJ) had breached and broken the plea bargain agreement it made with Flynn.  The motion also mentioned issues of prosecutorial vindictiveness and a violation of constitutional due process through an unconstitutional motive on the part of the DOJ prosecutors."

The Motherhood Penalty Needs to Be Overturned

"Governments especially in Europe are increasingly being more and more influenced by childless politicians and activists who have the infinite free time to push their agenda, while those with families are far too busy and too economically fragile to fight back."

Lance Roberts: Extreme Deviations & Eventual Outcomes

"Clearly, the Federal Reserve is doing whatever it can to keep markets stable. With economic growth already fragile, a more serious correction in prices would collapse consumer confidence, lead to rising unemployment, and foster the onset of a full-blown recession. Such would be problematic for the Fed to counter, particularly if the trillions of dollars at play in leveraged hedge funds begin to lock up."

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