Jobs the Best Welfare

ABS data also indicates that non-dependent male children over the age of 15 living at home, single men living alone, and single mothers were all more likely to end up long term unemployed.

Draghi’s Dangerous Farewell

PRINCETON – Mario Draghi risks deepening the eurozone’s problems in the final weeks of his eight-year term as president of the European Central Bank. He has promised that the ECB will reduce interest rates further to spur the eurozone economy. But policymakers have room for only modest rate cuts, which will do little to boost growth – and will put potentially intolerable pressure on the eurozone’s fragile banks. Back in June, Draghi said that the ECB was preparing a new dose of stimulus, including further reductions of its policy interest rate and a renewal of quantitative easing (QE) through purchases of government bonds. And…

World Class Needn’t Cost the World

We spend relatively less time on reading, writing, literature, and science — while we are dedicating more time to technology. At secondary level, we also spend less time on mathematics. Little wonder Australian students have performed poorly in the international PISA tests covering reading, mathematical, and scientific literacy.

An Enemy of the People in Plain View

Writing in Church Times, The Rt Rev’d Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds, has spoken of a crisis of “truth and trust” in UK politics caused in part by Prime Minister Boris Johnson who, alleges Baines, has “repeatedly lied, and misrepresented Brexit to the nation.” Bishop Baines says that Boris Johnson has “lied repeatedly” about the motivation behind his decision to prorogue parliament days after MPs returned from summer recess, until two weeks before the Brexit deadline of 31st October. Baines is a fully-qualified and paid up ecclesiastical leftie: that is a member of the breed which consistently regards facts and…

What Makes Die-Hard Remainers Tick?

It is significant that die-hard Remainers make so many references to Trump and America as a way of labelling and dismissing Brexit. They cannot understand their own country or face up to what has happened, and so they disguise it as something else.

Japan and Germany Hysterically Race to Shut Down Nuclear Power (and Their Sovereignty)

For those in Japan and Germany celebrating that the exit from nuclear is providing an opportunity to embrace solar and wind energy, a sad slap of reality has also occurred. Not only have energy costs skyrocketed wherever green energies been built, but the toxic waste caused by those photovoltaic cells far outpaces anything produced by the dirtiest nuclear reactor.

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