Large Skyscraper Image Banner Ad, £1.80 CPM



A 300 x 600-pixel sidebar banner advertisement for an incredible rate of £1.80 CPM.

Minimum purchase £18 for 10,000 impressions.



Technical Politics is an online English-language journal focusing on current affairs, public policy and political commentary.

Our native banner advertisements reach a wide audience of predominantly European and North American readers.

Your advert will appear on the right-hand sidebar on a web browser, or beneath the content on a smartphone. You will be able to link through to any compliant homepage, product or landing page.

We provide you with reports with statistics on your advertisement’s progress. The advert will stay in place until it reaches its view limit, or until you ask for it to be removed.


You may send the banner ad to us at any point in the process – before or after purchase – by emailing advertise at technical politics dot com. Please ensure your email address during the checkout process.

Your image advert should be 300 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall. Higher resolution images work best.

Change the quantity to change the number of impressions you would like to purchase: e.g. for 20,000 impressions, enter quantity ‘2’, for 30,000 impression, ‘3’ and so on. For larger orders, please note that it may take time for the impression count to be met.

Please also ensure that the advert complies with relevant legislation in the United Kingdom, and, if applicable, in your home jurisdiction.

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