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Promoted content is a great way to get your message out to a wider audience. Promoted content remains on the website indefinitely, and over time can build up a considerable number of reads, and can be used to drive traffic to your own website.

Please contact us to discuss your story idea first before purchasing this option.

Also, please note that all promoted articles will be marked with a light blue ‘Promoted’ category tag to distinguish it from our regular journalism and features.

We currently only publish one promoted article a day, and advertisers can choose the day and time of publication, subject to availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes for great promoted content?

We strongly recommend drafting original content that will appeal to Technical Politics readers. This is in their interest, your interest, and our interest.

Is there a public policy issue that relates to your product? What challenges and opportunities are you facing? How do your products and services related to current affairs or public policy? What opportunities do you offer to investors?

The content of the article should be informative and factual. The style should be broadly in line with our standard content. You can access our Style Guide via the following link.

How long will promoted content stay online for?

Promoted content will remain online indefinitely, or put another way, for as long as the website is in operation.

May we make changes to promoted content once it has been posted?

Yes, occasional changes to promoted content are permitted.

Is your website indexed?

Technical Politics is indexed by all major search engines, including Bing, Google, Duckduckgo, Yahoo, Startpage and Ecosia.

Does the price include reposts on social media?

Yes, we will repost the article on Twitter and Gab. Our articles are also frequently featured on news aggregators, such as Whatfinger.

What is the maximum word count for the article? 

Articles should not be more than 5000 words in length.

What is the maximum size of images on our post?

The total size of all images should not exceed 750 KB. This includes the main image at the top of the page underneath the article headline.

Do you allow hyperlinks?

Yes, we do.

What is the maximum number of hyperlinks allowed?


Will hyperlinks contain “dofollow” tags? 


Do you allow tracking pixels to be included in the article?


Are there any themes which are disallowed?

We don’t publish articles linking to gambling or betting websites, or to adult content. Restrictions apply where advertising is targeted at children, or for political advertising. All content should comply with UK advertising legislation.

Do you offer an article writing service?

Yes. This costs 300 GBP for up to 750 words.

How can we pay?

We are happy to accept bank transfers, credit card payments, cash payments, or payment via Paypal.

Will you provide an invoice?


Do you all removal of the ‘Promoted’ tag?

We believe that it is important that readers are able to distinguish between our regular journalism and promoted content, so no, all promoted content is published with a light blue ‘Promoted’ tag.

Do you provide discounts to resellers? 

Yes. We offer a flat 20% discount to resellers of promoted content with whom we have a prior agreement.


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