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Most British quality newspapers now cost £2 a day or more, or over £730 a year!

At Technical Politics, we bring you great content every day for free, but ‘free’ costs us time and money.

Like many others, we need to put food on our children’s table every evening.

And so, if you would like to see us survive and prosper, here are some simple ways you can give back to Technical Politics: 

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We welcome submissions that provide a factual summary of significant public policy discussions, legislative efforts or law court proceedings from around the world. If you would like more information on this, please contact us at editors at technical politics dot com to learn more.

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To err is human.

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11. Repost original content

Many articles authored by Technical Politics directly are available for republication. Where this is the case, you will see a link to the license at the foot of the article.

Learn more about how we license our content here: https://www.technicalpolitics.com/republication/

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To discuss leaving a gift to Technical Politics via a will or bequest, email us on donations at technical politics dot com.

However you choose to support this website, please know that we are truly very grateful.

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