Journalism is an expensive business, so you’re probably wondering how we fund the publication and hosting of the articles on the Technical Politics website, every single one of which is available for free. 

It’s not advertising.

We’re not selling your browsing history or private information to shady data brokers.

We haven’t asked you for a donation.

There’s no paywall.

And, no, we’re not being funded by some dark money foundation.

How are we doing it? How are we making Technical Politics available for free?

Let us let you into a little secret! You’re actually reading our old news.

The Backstory

When we founded Technical Politics in 2019, we experimented with various ways of monetising our content, none of which proved particularly satisfactory.

This is not a problem unique to Technical Politics. Research on the news media industry suggests that even major publishers are struggling to monetise their content.

Paywalls can be leaky, and frustrate internet users looking to reference news websites.

Advertising typically involves news media companies selling vast troves of their readers’ data. As a privacy-respecting company, we are opposed to this practice, and many of our community members are too.

Finally, appeals for donations meanwhile can get wearisome, and we don’t want to be dependent on a few good souls to fund the provision of Technical Politics content for everyone else.

Join the Technical Politics Community Today!

So, Technical Politics has chosen to do things a little differently.

We provide fresh content for subscribers – by email – for the small fee of £5 a month, the cost of a weekend broadsheet newspaper, and you are free to cancel at any time. Our old content is still published on our website, for all to access, but after a delay typically of between 1-3 months.

Community members are also invited to join online talks and question-and-answer sessions with some of the public figures, researchers and academics featured in our news emails.

To join the Technical Politics community and access our freshest content, subscribe today for only £5 a month !

Payments are handled securely on the Stripe website, and multicurrency options are available. Terms and conditions apply.

Please note, we also provide the option to publish promoted content on the website for a one-off fee, which is tagged as PROMOTED. Click here for more info!



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